Martikeing and business development consultants often talk about SEO. But is it really every single business that needs to focus on website optimisation or there's more to marketing online? 

In this article you will also discover the SEO strategies that still work in 2020 and those that are now outdated. 

Author: Mariella Blago Consultancy
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Do You Need SEO for Your Website (Audio Article)

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

The Missing Piece - Amazing Course

I am so happy with this course. It is the missing piece. All the info I needed for my social media channels is here. So happy to find this course. Can't wait to see her other courses. If you are still not sure if this course will answer your questions, stop thinking I am reassuring you. I am one of you, who didn't know how to run FB ads, or how to manage my business Insta. Everyone is talking about TikToc but I didn't have any clue how it works. Thank you Mariella for answering all my questions and helping me to plan properly my social media channels.





Thursday, 30 July 2020

Loved it!

This is a great course that gives you enough ideas how to market yourself as a service provider.