Don't run promotions in chaos, wasting heard-earned money!

Let's Get Planning! 


Do marketing obejctives confuse you? Don't worry, you are not alone. But there's more to marketing than advertising for sales! Perhaps you need to increase your brand recognition, generate more leads or seive through the quality leads. What about cross-sales and up-sales? Your marketing campaigns can have any one (or more) of these objectives. 


This planner will help you plan your campaign without missing a single detail - what, where, when, how often, how and what's the cost. Get ready for September and October with a well thought-through campaign. This could be your grand rehearsal for your Christmas marketing. Get into the habit of planning and you will see how your results will improve immediately! 

You can print the sheets or edit the PDF document digitally. Whatever works for you! And it's free, when you use code PLANAUGUST at checkout, so you lose literally nothing!


Marketing Campaign Planner

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