Do the constant social media algorithm changes confuse you? Are you fed up with spending money on ads that don't bring you anything in return? 

Perhaps you are stuck for content ideas and you just can't manage it all on your own. 

You are ready to give up on social media and find some other way to grow your business. 




Social Media is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to reach your ideal client in 2021 and beyond! You just need a little help.


This course is your solution! 


Your first step as a business owner is to truly understand how social media works. Choose the channels that matter to your ideal client and your business. Then build the strategies to reach your audience in the most effective way and turn the likers, viewers and followers into paying customers. 

With 5 years of experience as a digital marketing consultant, I know just the way to do all that. I've done it! My approach works any day, any time, without a fail. 

- Mariella Blago, course creator


What to Expect from this course:

  • Get clear understanding how different social media platforms work
  • Discover who uses different social media channels and whether they are your ideal client
  • Learn what mistakes to avoid, to save money and maximise results
  • Get the tools to build content and marketing strategies to attract, retain and convert your audience
  • Learn how to manage your social media accounts well until you are able to outsource
  • Get clear on what to expect from a social media manager, marketing assistant or a virtual assistant
  • Understand what remains your responsibility as the business owner

Social Media for Business Owners

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

The Missing Piece - Amazing Course

I am so happy with this course. It is the missing piece. All the info I needed for my social media channels is here. So happy to find this course. Can't wait to see her other courses. If you are still not sure if this course will answer your questions, stop thinking I am reassuring you. I am one of you, who didn't know how to run FB ads, or how to manage my business Insta. Everyone is talking about TikToc but I didn't have any clue how it works. Thank you Mariella for answering all my questions and helping me to plan properly my social media channels.