Why should I train to start a business?

TMHTB is created by a Mariella Blago Consultancy and Design Droids, specialising in digital marketing, web design and early stage business development. Our team, or any of our competitors, can easily overtake your marketing activities and charge you the relevant fees.


Our mission, however, is to provide real value to rising business owners. There’s nothing more valuable than knowledge. On this platform you will be able to access numerous materials in different formats to help you improve your skills on any business area you feel is your weakness. Not only that! Here you will get the chance to interact with other like-minded entrepreneurs, ask them for support, form valuable partnership, share your wins and woes with people who truly get you. 

And if you are ready to take it to the next level, we've got you too!


By completing the Teach Me How to Biz programme you will be fully equipped to run and develop your business. You will be able to manage and grow your social media presence, maintain good website optimisation, create brilliant content and distribute it to the right channels all by yourself and your team members. Even if you decide to outsource any of these tasks, you will be in a position to set the important requirements and judge the quality of the delivered work. No more wasting hard-earned funds and frustrating over marketing and business strategies that don’t work! You will save time, efforts and money. If that’s what you are looking for apply for the Teach Me How to Biz Programme!

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